ACS Gründungsmitglied

The Automotive-Center-Südwestfalen became a reality in 2012. DTE-Werzkzeugtechnik is a founding member of this modern centre of expertise for automotive suppliers in south Westphalia.

Automotive-Center-Südwestfalen in detail:

The acs has the task of promoting development work for weight reduction in the automotive industry. This applies both to new vehicle concepts and the use of new materials and material combinations. A resulting lightweight construction is also a prerequisite for future electric vehicles.

The acs is a joint venture between the automotive supplier industry, institutes of higher education and municipalities in the region. It is the platform for development work and knowledge transfer between automotive manufacturers, suppliers and institutes of higher education, with the aim of promoting weight reduction in the automotive industry. For this purpose, acs is providing a modern infrastructure, equipment, software and specialist staff for projects in the pre-development field.

Its expertise covers the fields of vehicle body and chassis, as well as efficient manufacturing processes for metal, plastic and hybrid material combinations. In association with the University of Siegen and the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, primarily small and medium-sized enterprises can carry out projects aimed at resolving issues around economic lightweight construction, and at meeting the special requirements posed by electric vehicles.